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I intend to take some photos of stores and shops and Civic Center governmental buildings . . . Also the Shell station that might be trimmed back, the hotels along PCH, as we discuss Measure R and the Measure W.

Paragraph here on the history-making importance of Measure R and Measure W. Many people see this as a continuation of the Spirit of Malibu, the special bond between the enchanting Malibu land and the people and the people who live on it and who have been imbued with an overriding mission to protect it. Which, has existed at least as far back as the arrival of its first oceanside settlers, Frederick and May Rindge. See photo and brief history here.
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Malibu's undulating shoreline continues northwest beyond Point Dume (top center in photo). Closer to photo center is the public Zuma Beach and at lower right is the Broad Beach residential area.
Make a bullet point saying how MTC followed the progress of each since its inception, offering support and encouragement along the way, as well as assistance in the organization of the initiatives.
There must be other City-related matters on which MTC has written letters and expressed its opinion. Because the brochure was out of date, and already had been written before I joined MTC (and because it also took me some time to get up to speed on local issues, I cannot list them all or remember them all.
However, as I recall, they included:

The Crummer Property
Development of the La Paz shopping center (and inclusion of the adjacent park).
Taking stands on the implementation of Phases 1 and 2 of the Sewer project. (We need to explain why the County or State succeeded in forcing us to have sewers — or, was it that City Council decided we should do it? Need to look this up. But since we make such a point of having protested them for so many years — since our inception — we need to explain how, despite our opposition (and the opposition of many Malibu residents) we now have sewers.

We also should make a point — and heavily emphasize this — about why it is more important now than ever that the progress of the sewer issue, the connections, etc., are monitored by MTC and also that it is more important than ever that we closely monitor the Planning Commission and activities of City Council members. Because now there is no external means to prevent rapid growth. I puts a tremendous financial burden and legal burden on the residents of the city to employ means to keep out billionaire developers who have every means available at their disposal to challenge local and state laws so that eventually they will be allowed to scar our hillsides, carve up our chaparral and open meadows, construct massive residential, entertainment, and shopping complexes, and put additional traffic burdens on our already congested small highway. The saddest part is that the more congested Malibu becomes, the more pressure there will be to add additional, improved highways through our beautiful, natural Santa Monica Mountains. And once that is done, the local character of Malibu will be no different than any other coastal city. It's special qualities will be gone.
Malibu Township Council functions as a government watchdog and ombudsman at the city, county, and state levels, and this has resulted in (language regarding the way in which MTC has spoken out and taken activist positions in behalf of Malibu's residents, drafting letters, hiring attorneys, filing lawsuits, testifying at hearings at the City, County, and State levels, in an effort to keep official actions of public officials open and subject to public scrutiny.
MTC wrote letters and provided manpower to assist and help steer the growing number of people in Malibu who oppose rapid development and over development of our coastline.
Opposed high-density residential and inappropriate commercial developments that would have overburdened our highway and service infrastructure.

When was this done?

And with regard to what commercial developments?

What was the result?

MTC joined other civic groups to raise funds for the Los Angeles County-owned and managed Bluffs Park. WHEN?
Over the years since the late 1970s, (???) supported and/or opposed legislation such as AB 885 that gives the state control over sewage disposal in Malibu. ?) supported and/or opposed legislation such as AB 885 that gives the state control over sewage disposal in Malibu.
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The 84-acre Bluffs Preserve is the last vast vacant expanse of public land near central Malibu. It remains an important subject of dispute. Long designated as passive recreational use public nature preserve land by state agencies, the Malibu City Council attempted to trade a large tract of wild parkland (the XXX-acre Charmlee Park) for this magnificent environmentally sensitive habitat area ostensibly so that Malibu Little League players would have a place to play ball. This, in spite of the fact that there are many other available sites that are not environmentally sensitive. Perhaps it is no coincidence that a former Malibu mayor and power broker lives directly beneath the site, on which state agencies at one time had suggested that camp sites might be an appropriate type of passive recreation.
This paragraph and the next one are merely space-holding type. Disregard them. They are for the purposes of layout only and will be replace by additional copy as soon as it is written.

Opposed high-density residential and inappropriate commercial developments that would have overburdened our highway and service infrastructure.
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Cross Creek Shopping Center maintenance workers are allowed to trim these trees once per year following the nesting season, and that must be scheduled at a time after the fledglings have flown out of their nests and learned to find their own food.
Snowy Egrets nesting at the Cross Creek shopping center were among birds affected by the $12 million-plus bulldozing and reshaping of Malibu Lagoon. The MTC opposed the 2010 enlargement of the estuary and flooding of historically dry land to fill in empty public land just East of the row of expensive homes along Malibu Colony (Road?)

Ann: Go back onto portable hard drive and find photos of some of the birds and wildlife who still have not returned to the site following a court ruling that permitted the bulldozing in 2009 (?). (Or 2010). ???

This is one of the reasons MTC needs your help. If you love animals, you will want to join MTC in helping protect Malibu's wildlife.

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