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If you already have paid your dues this year, you might just want to fill out this form and submit it and write "paid already" in the "Amount" field. That way, you'll automatically enter your name in our electronic records and save us a little time.

If you'd like to join, hooray! And welcome. It's $30 for an individual membership and $35 for a family membership, which means your spouse, children, and parents — if they live in the same household. If not, they've gotta get their own memberships.

We'll send you newsletters, announcements of meetings and events, and when we need your signatures on petitions, or are planning to attend a meeting at City Hall or another governmental agency, you'll also get notices.

If you'd like to donate, we're considering adding a page listing our top donors. We'd love to use your name, but if you'd rather keep it private, that's okay, too.
Our donation categories include Chumash ($2500), Cabrillo ($1,000), Tapia ($750), Rindge ($500), and Adamson ($250) or Other (write in your own amount). (Or, our board can think of different categories: After ocean creatures, (Whale, dolphin, etc.), Geological features ( Ridgeline, Tsunami, Breaker, Basalt, etc.), or whatever.)

To send us a comment, either address an email to (soon to be, or to to your browser's "back" arrow and find the "Contact/JoinUs Page" (Your got here from there) and fill out a column in the comment section. Let us know how you'd like to help!

Thank you for visiting with us and we look forward to seeing us soon.